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Asbak dengan lampu LED, dilengkapi dengan perekat doubletape agar bisa diletakkan di dashboard mobil. jika sedang tidak digunakan bisa di tutup rapat.. led otomatis nyala apabila tutup asbak dibuka penuh 90 derajat berfungsi untuk penggunaan pada malam hari atau tempat gelap. juga bisa difungsikan untuk tempat sampah mini di dalam mobil. aman digunakan dan mudah dibersihkan. ready warna hitam, silver, dan biru.
bahan dari plastik keras.
size : 8 x 6.5 x 4.8 cm

sisa silver

Weight : 300 gram

Price: Rp.70.000

Papan Tulis Berbasis LED

Can be repeatedly rewritten
Can use Day and night
Led message board with light
Can be used indoors and outdoors
Can be repeatedly rewritten
-Can be used indoors and outdoors
-Can use Day and night
-Composition:1pieces led message board and 1pieces Highlighter

Handwriting of: You can be creative, hand-written forms, free to embody the unique, differentiated and deliberately creating a different atmosphere; can achieve a better decorative effect, to attract the attention of those present.
Can wipe: This product can be repeatedly used with a function for a variety of needs often change the content of a message board and a child to learn to draw;
Fluorescent effect: This body of light transmission through the plate, the use of fluorescent pen to make the font issue bright luster.
IV. Scope
Window displays: store mall promotions counter display, display information such as rental property, instead of the traditional POP advertising board;
Indoor Publicity: bars, KTV, DISCO and other entertainment venues, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants entertainment industry, offices, coffee shops, ice cream shops, tea shops, jewelry stores, hotels, restaurants, meeting rooms and message boards to do a small advertising board promotion use.
Painting by: schools, training institutions, kindergartens, child paintings stimulate interest, give full play to the child's imagination.
This section fluorescence plate is the most fashionable high-tech products, the size specifications for the 200 * 230mm, super bright LED (red, green, blue and other colors), acrylic panels and plastic frame, power supply: 5 # 3, or charge the battery device (battery and charger to be purchased), product variety of colors..
With it do not need to write a note, and with the special pen to write your message, open the switch, the glass surface will issue a soft blue, above the words will immediately appear Oh, simply slightly damp soft cloth or paper towels can easily wipe!

Weight : 250 gram

Price: Rp.70.000

Choken Bako Celengan Robot Anjing

Feed the hungry dog with coins! Throw a coin into its bowl and you will see it munching at it happily. In fact, it is so happy that it would tip the bowl to one side and slip the coin into the box, saving money for you!

Product Specifications:
* Robotic doggie design
* Throw the coin into its bowl and the coin will slip into the box
* Special gift for your friends and family
* On/Off
* Powered by 2 AA batteries (Not included)
* Size: 170*149*80mm
* Weight: 285g

Weight : 650 gram

Price: Rp.130.000

This product has sold out.

AC Model Handphone Bisa Dipake KAPANPUN DIMANAPUN !

AC Model Handphone Bisa Dipake KAPANPUN DIMANAPUN !

AC Model Handphone adalah AC genggam yang dapat dibawa kemana saja.
AC Model Handphone dioperasikan dengan 4 baterai AA dan USB.

Caranya cukup mudah: basahi sponge dengan air sebanyak 60ml dan kita akan bebas dari udara panas kapan saja dan dimana saja.
Mendinginkan hingga 30 derajat F

Kelebihan Handy Cooler:
- Water-cooled Technology
Menjadikan udara di sekitar kita lebih dingin
- Tidak menyebabkan kulit kering
- Compact mini
Dengan berat hanya 200gram dan ergonomic design membuat handheld air con ini bisa dipakai kapan saja dan dimana saja.
- USB interface cable
AC Model Handphone bisa juga di access melalui computer dengan cara dicolokkan di tempat USB.
- Bisa tahan hingga 5 Jam

Size: 9 x 5 x 16, 5cm
Color: pink, black, blue

Mini Air Conditioner
USB Cable
User Manual

Weight : 340 gram

Price: Rp.100.000

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